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Winterwarm Polska celebrates 20th anniversary on Ferma 2020

This month it is 20 years ago that Winterwarm BV took an important share in the company of her distributor in Poland at the time, Fiesta Sp.z o.o. The Polish industrial market was booming around the change of the century which offered a lot of potential for the sale of Winterwarm industrial heaters. Soon after the name was changed to Winterwarm Polska to profit from the good reputation from Winterwarm in the European market.

The anniversary was celebrated during the annual agricultural exhibition Ferma in Lodz. As Winterwarm started out in the Netherlands in the agricultural market with the production and sales of gasfired air heaters for poultry houses, the next logical step was to enter the Polish market. Logic because Poland is the biggest market in Europe for poultry meat. Winterwarm Polska has become already very succesful in the market over the past few years. 


Winterwarm Polska had invited their most important distributors for drinks and diner to celebrate the anniversary.Of course also our polish collegues were present.  Adriaan Knopper, Export manager from Winterwarm BV, addressed the guests. He thanked the dealers for their contribution to the succes of Winterwarm Polska and the Winterwarm collegues for their efforts in all these years. On behalf of Winterwarm BV he offered Maciej Drobnik, director at Winterwarm Polska, a very nice sculpture in the colours of the famous painter Mondriaan who was born in Winterswijk. The fact that the artist who made the sculpture is also a Winterwarm-collegue, made it an extra special gift which was very much appreciated by Mr. Drobnik and his collegues. Also the customers were very enthousiastic about this beautiful piece of art. The evening went on untill late into the night with a lovely dinner and several toasts on a succesful future for Winterwarm Polska.