The activities of the months January to March in a row!

At the moment WBC construction group and others are working very hard on the sustainable new building of Winterwarm and WinLed. The past period we have already shared several films about the new building. Frans Mul tells about the reason for the new building, Tom Linneman tells how we apply BREEAM which will make our new building the most sustainable building in Winterswijk and therefore in the top 5 of Gelderland and Edward Tasteskin of WBC tells how they apply 'Bewuste Bouwers' on the building and which materials they use to meet the different criteria of BREEAM. In addition to the various videos, we take weekly photos of the work in progress and, if we may say so ourselves, how impressive it is going to be!

The company building will be located in the middle of the green environment, which means that the entire building will be designed so that the contours and colours will fit in with nature. The trees, shrubs and plants will be retained so that nature remains central. This means that our building will be in a green environment from the moment it is completed!


Placement of the steel and the stairs to the offices



Placing the wall cladding and pouring the concrete

Discolouration of the corten steel, hardening of the concrete and placement of the transformer