Hybrid heaters

New to our product range is the Qwikshift Hybrid Heater. A combination of the familiar heat pump and an innovative booster technology. The Qwikshift Hybrid Heater is available in two variants, either full electric or with a gas fired booster.

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Qwikshift QSE

The Qwikshift QSE is an all-electric hybrid heater which combines a heat pump with an innovative booster and smart control.

  • Quick heating by booster
  • Sustainable heating solution
  • Can be combined with solar panels
  • Heats and cools
  • No CO2 emissions
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Qwikshift QSG

The Qwikshift QSQ is a hybrid heater which combines a heat pump with a innovative gas fired booster and smart control.

  • Quick heating by booster
  • Up to 60% lower energy consumption
  • Hydrogen ready
  • Heats and cools
  • Up to 70% reduction of CO2 emissions
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Heat pump HPX

The Winterwarm HPX heat pump, to be applied in combination with a Qwikshift Hybrid Heater or the WWH-LT range.

  • High COP score: >5
  • Energy class A***
  • Air/water heat pump
  • Environment friendly refrigerant
  • DC-fan
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How does the Qwikshift Hybrid Heater work?

The Qwikshift Hybrid Heater has 3 components. The heat pump, the innovative booster and the Smart Controller. Heat Pump extracts heat from the air and then blows it to the desired room. On cold days or at the start of the working day when the room needs to be at the desired temperature quickly, the booster jumps in. As a result, you quickly and efficiently create a pleasant working climate for your employees, ensuring greater comfort. As soon as the room is at the desired temperature, the heat pump takes it over again. The heat pump can meet the heat requirement about 80% of the time, in the remaining 20% the booster jumps in. The booster is available in two variants. An All-electric booster (QSE) and a gas-fired booster (QSG).

The Smart Controller ensures that you heat your space as economically as possible. As a result, you save on monthly recurring energy costs.


Heat pump

Smart controller

How do I heat my commercial space as energy-efficiently as possible?

There's no getting around it these days, energy-efficient heating is the future. But how do you tackle this for business premises where a complete heat pump installation is too big an investment or where solar panels are not present? Exactly for these kinds of situations Winterwarm brings the Qwikshift Hybrid Heater on the market! How? Because the Qwikshift uses 80% of the heat pump, the booster only needs to be used minimally which ensures low or energy or gas consumption. 


Do I choose the Qwikswift QSG and when the QSE?

To answer this question, we first need to look at your current energy supply. If you are already ready for the future and want an all-electric heating, the Qwikshift QSE is the right solution for you! Is All-electric heating a too big step for you and is there gas present in your premises? Then the Qwikshift QSG is the perfect and energy-efficient choice for you!

All-electric QSE

The QSE is an All-electric variant of the Qwikshift. With the heat pump and electric booster, you are 100% gas-free and ready for the future! Especially with solar panels on the roof, this is an energy-efficient solution for heating your premises.

Gasfired QSG

The Qwikshift QSG is the solution for companies that want energy-efficient heating and where gas is still available. Winterwarm offers for these situations the hybrid heating solution the Qwikshift QSG. The gas is only used to give a heat boost so you and your colleagues can start the day warm after which the heat pump takes over for the remainder of the day. This results in minimal gas consumption and maximum enjoyment of a pleasant working climate.

Optimal heating with the Smart Controller

Alongside the new hybrid air heaters comes a new thermostat, namely the Smart Controller. The Smart Controller ensures that you always reach your desired temperature at the best price! How?

By entering the current prices, the Smart Controller calculates the most economical way of heating for you at that moment.

Winterwarm's heat pump

In addition to the booster and Smart Controller, the Qwikshift has a monoblock heat pump that will do its job most of the time.

  • Energy saving
  • Constant heating
  • Cooling is also possible

Reliable advise and support by our team

Winterwarm is happy to advcie you in the proces of your project in order to calculate the desired capacity and best application. Also we will help you make the right choice of accessories. 

Based on this result we can offer you an quotation of all materials needed.