Projects we are proud of

Already more than 200,000 Winterwarm air heaters have found their spot in the world somewhere. You will find our industrial unit air heaters not only in large factory halls, warehouses, commercial areas, workshops, sports halls, childrens' playgrounds but also in garages, showrooms and commercial premises. With regard to the agricultural air heaters the emphasis mainly lies on heating poultry houses and green houses ranging from the poultry house at the farmer around the corner up to the large agricultural complexes in Russia.

Industrial New location for Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects

After a big setback a new building with comfortable heating at low costs.

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Agricultural No additional CO2 or water vapour in the poultry house with the DXC heater

The chickens from John Grutters (Groesbeek-NL) are comfortably warm because of the installation of 4x DXC 100 heaters.

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Industrial Obelink chooses for newest Winterwarm air heater WWH-LT

Winterwarm history outlined: each time a new building was built Obelink installed Winterwarm heaters.

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Industrial Rensa changes to more sustainable heating

For years Winterwarm WSP heaters took care of the heating; it was time to replace them by more efficient HR heaters.

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Industrial Rapid heating

At Roesaere (BE) this Van Marcke Inspirations building materials market is heated by several HR unit air heaters.

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