Poultry House Heaters

Heat is an important production factor in a poultry house. With air heated poultry house heaters, a healthy living climate can be created, which contributes to a higher turn-over.

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Comfort and a dry climate

It’s commonly known that when chicks are comfortable, they grow best. With a Winterwarm poultry house heater you create a comfortable environment for the chicks in the poultry house. DXC and DXE gas-fired heaters are closed heating systems that create this healthy and pleasant climate.

You don’t even have to worry about the combustion gases. These poultry house heaters discharge the gases to the outside so that no moisture and CO2 enters the poultry farm. For this reason, hardly any additional ventilation air is required.

Features of Winterwarm poultry house heaters

The gas consumption of Winterwarm poultry house heaters is relatively low because there is no need to heat up cold outside air.

A low noise level of the air heaters is pleasant for the poultry farmer, because you won’t experience excessive noise.

If you prefer a poultry house heating system within the farm, then the DXC air heaters are an excellent choice. For those who prefer to install a poultry farm heating device outside the barn, we have developed the DXE series. Of course do both devices meet the statutory ammonia requirements.

Traditional poultry farm heating

If you are looking for additional poultry farm heating for emergencies for example, Winterwarm has developed the DXA series: a gas heater for poultry farms. These air heaters are based on the traditional heat gun that certainly heat effectively, but where the flue gases must be ventilated from the farm.

As a result, the gas consumption of this traditional way of poultry farm heating is much higher.

If the case is that you are heating on oil, then the DXA poultry house heater is also available in an oil-fired version: the DXB series.

Other suitable products

Warm-air heaters

Winterwarm has more than 80 years experience in the production and sales of direct and indirect unit air heaters including the recently introduced electric heaters. The Winterwarm unit air heaters can be installed in almost every industrial area and are effective, comfortable and energy efficient.

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Reliable advice and support by our team

Winterwarm is happy to consult you in the process of your poultry farm heating project in order to calculate the desired capacity and best application for your poultry house. Also we will help you with the right choice of accessories. 

Based on this result we can offer you an quotation of all materials needed.

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