Privacy- and cookie statement

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We are aware that you are placing your trust in us. And we therefore consider it our responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page, we will explain what data we collect when you visit our website, why we collect these data, and how we use these data to provide you with a better user experience. The idea is to be transparent on how we work.

This privacy policy governs the services of Winterwarm B.V. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries: Winterwarm Heating Solutions B.V., Industrial Heating Service B.V., Winterwarm UK Ltd. and Winterwarm Agri UK Ltd. (Jointly referred to hereinafter as: Winterwarm).
Please be aware of the fact that Winterwarm is not responsible for other websites’ and sources’ privacy policy. By using this website, you accept our privacy policy.

Winterwarm respects the privacy of all users of its website, and sees to it that personal data submitted to us will be treated confidentially.


Use of our services
When you request information about our products or advice, request a quotation, or order products, we will ask you to submit company details and perhaps also your personal data. These data are used to be able to provide the service and ensure efficient communication with you. These data are stored on Winterwarm’s proprietary servers or on third-party servers (always in the EU). 


We may store any emails or other kinds of messages you send us. On some occasions, we may request you to enter personal data that are relevant in a specific situation. This will enable us to process your queries and meet your requests. These data are stored on Winterwarm’s proprietary servers or on third-party servers. 
If we have new relevant information on the products on which we previously sent you information or which you have ordered from us in the past, we will use your data to let you know that we have new information available.


Use of your data on our website

General site visit data
We collect general site visit data on the use of our website. These data are completely anonymised and used only to analyse visits to our website, with a view to further improving our website. We use Google Analytics for this purpose. These data will not be transferred to third parties. 


If you complete a contact or registration form on the website, or send us an email, the data you submit or send to us will be used for the purposes of the form or as appropriate based on the contents of your email for a comprehensive response to the email and the processing of the form, and these data will not be stored for other purposes.

Personal data protection
We adhere to strict security procedures to, among other things, prevent unauthorised access to personal data. Access to log files containing site visit data and other files containing personal data is protected by passwords and encryption. Data submitted through the online shop can be accessed only by a limited number of persons at the company. 

Website security 
Winterwarm has entered into data processing agreements with the provider that hosts our websites. This ensures that they will not transfer any data collected through our websites to third parties. They furthermore see to it that our websites have maximum protection against intrusion by external parties, and they are held to notify Winterwarm immediately in the event an intrusion does occur.


Third-party websites
This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites to which our websites link through so-called hyperlinks. We cannot guarantee that these third parties process your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We therefore advise you to read the privacy statements on these websites before using these websites.

We use so-called “cookies” on our websites. Cookies are simple text files that your browser installs on your computer and that contain information. The website instructs the browser through which you access websites (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) to store these cookies on your computer. We use both “functional cookies” and “tracking cookies.” Functional cookies are used to make the website more user-friendly by monitoring the behaviour of visitors on the site and storing certain preferences. Tracking cookies are used to log visitor statistics on the use of our website, so that we can see which pages are visited a lot and which are not. We use Google Analytics for this. 

You have the option to disable the abovementioned cookies. To do so, go to the settings menu in your browser to block all or certain cookies. Please bear in mind that when you block cookies, you may no longer be able to use certain features on the website and/or experience a reduction in ease of use of the website. 
We do not use so-called social media cookies to present our products to you on social media.

Service purposes 
An important reason behind our data collection is that we need the data for service purposes. Buyers of our systems return warranty cards for their system to us, specifying the address details of the installing company and the ultimate buyer of the system. We register these data to be able to adequately provide important product information. However, this mainly concerns company details and not personal data.

Third parties
We do not transfer your data to third parties. In certain cases, your data may be shared internally. Our employees are held to confidentiality with respect to your data.

This privacy policy is based on current use of personal data at our company and on the current features of this website. Any possible changes and/or adjustments to this website may necessitate amendments to this privacy policy. We therefore advise you to check this privacy policy on a regular basis.

Right of access, rectification, or erasure 
If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or if you want to know which data of you we have registered or for what purposes we use these data, you have a (legal) right to access your data. 
Aside from that or in relation to the access you have been granted, you can ask us to rectify or erase your data by sending an email with a request to that effect to or using our contact form.

Changing/unsubscribing from the newsletter
Several times a year, we send out a newsletter by email. In this newsletter, we update recipients about new and existing products, our trade fair appearances, market trends, etc. If you currently receive our newsletter but want to unsubscribe, please use the link at the bottom of the newsletter. You can change your details by emailing us on

Personal data storage period 
We will erase your data within seven years after our last contact. This seven-year period matches the period during which we are required to retain our records for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. After this period, we will proceed to erase your personal data. If there have not (yet) been any transactions between you and Winterwarm in this period, we can, at your request, also erase your data before the end of the seven-year period.
Questions and feedback

Our privacy policy is a fixture on the agenda for our monthly staff meetings. 

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us:
Winterwarm B.V.
Industrieweg 8
7102 DZ Winterswijk
+31 543546300