LPHW unit heaters

Winterwarm's water heaters can heat any commercial or industrial space to a comfortable level. The hot water source can be from a boiler , heat pump or any other warm water system.

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The Winterwarm WWH range are LPHW heaters which, combined with any type of hot water system, can comfortably heat up any room.

  • Several air discharge options
  • Simple to control
  • Long lifetime
  • Suitable for various locations
  • Low investment
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The Winterwarm WWH-EC heaters are LPHW units fitted with an EC-fan motor as standard.

  • High comfort
  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • 0-10V control
  • Low sound level
  • Various discharge possibilities
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The Winterwarm WWH LT range are LPHW heaters especially developed for low water temperatures.

  • Optimal heat generation at low temperatures
  • High comfort
  • Stepless control
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Cooling option using heat pump
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LPHW unit heaters

Water heaters have an external warm water heat source, for example a boiler or heat pump. The heat source transports the warm water to the heaters. Consequently, the fan distributes the warm air in the rooms. Usually a controler is installed to adjust the air volume.

A main thermostat controls the overall heat demand. We also recommend installing a connection thermostat to prevent the heater blowing cold air before it reaches the required temperature. 

The Winterwarm water heaters (WWH)are available in 3 models: standard model with AC-fan, EC-model with efficient and low-noise fan, and the LT-model especially for low water temperatures. Capacities varie from 11 kW to 73 kW. For installation in shops, especially with low ceilings, accessories such as 4 or 6 way distribution plenums are available. 

Reliable advise and support by our team

Winterwarm is happy to advcie you in the proces of your project in order to calculate the desired capacity and best application. Also we will help you make the right choice of accessories. 

Based on this result we can offer you an quotation of all materials needed.