Specialist in heating commercial buildings

All Winterwarm products can be applied to many types of commercial buildings, small or big, low or high. For any situation we can offer the right solution, gas-fired , water based or electric.

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Gas-fired unit air heaters

Direct fired gas heaters are the most efficient heating solution for commercial buildings. The ISSO 57 carried out independent research for heating various spaces higher than 5m. Direct fired gas heating produced the best result in this investigation. Air heaters react quickly to heat the building to the desired temperature. For heights greater than 5 meters, we also recommend destratification units in order to minimise the temperature difference between the roof space and floor level.

Winterwarm manufactures HR condensing gas heaters which provide the highest efficiency (106%).

These HR heaters are also available with EC fan technology giving savings of approx. 25% on electricity consumption. In addition to the HR series Winterwarm can also offer the XR range (with 6 outputs)  which has a high (non condensing) efficiency but are lower in price.

The HR range complies with the ErP 2021 requirements. As of 1.01.2021 a new range XR-heaters will become available which will also be compliant with the ErP2021.

Advantages of gas-fired air heating short:

  • Quick heating up
  • No system loss (transport of water)
  • Comfortable climate
  • Energy saving
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance and failure free
  • Fully modulating


Water based heaters

The hot water can be produced by a boiler, heat pump or any other warm water heat source.

The WWH heater range is also available for lower water temperatures : the WWH LT range.

Advantages in short:

  • Can be connected to the central heating
  • Wall of ceiling mounted giving horizontal
    or vertical flow of the warm air
  • 4- or 6- way plenums are available as an
    optional accessory
  • Can be installed in the ceiling
  • Adjustable air volume
  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance


Electrical heaters

Increasingly, new industrial developments are all electric. This means that only electricity is available with no option of natural gas. It is also possible that companies use their large space on the roof to generate their own electricity.

For this reason Winterwarm has developed the EH range of heaters. The EH heaters have the same advantages as any other air heaters and are especially suitable for smaller commercial buildings where heating in not required during the whole week.

For larger buildings the EH range is not a sustainable solution which require continuous heating. Therefore the largest EH heater has a capacity of 40 kW as opposed to 120 kW of the largest HR condensing gasfired heater. 

Advantages are:

  • All-electric
  • Plug-and-play
  • Tilted air discharge possible
  • Adjustable air volume
  • Simple to install
  • Maintenance free


More suitable products

Air curtains

Next to the various types of air heaters Winterwarm as also an air curtain in the program for installation at large access doors, loading docks or other seperation doors.

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Air circulation units

Winterwarm air-circulation units ensure good heat distribution and optimise the use of the heated air.

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Reliable advise and support by our team

Winterwarm is happy to consult you in the proces of your project in order to calculate the desired capacity and best application. Also we will help you the right choice of accessories. 

Based on this result we can offer you an quotation of all materials needed.