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5-step switches

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5-step switches adjust the fan speed of the WWH. This might be desirable when the full heating capacity is not needed.
Also complaints of draft can be be prevented. Do take in account that with a lower fan speed also the throw decreases.
One switch can operate several units. To select the switch with the correct amperage, just add the values of the absorbed currents from the selected WWH heaters.

Article numbers:
5-step switch 2,2 Amp. -  IA8540
5-step switch 3,5 Amp. -  IA8542
5-step switch  5,0 Amp. -  IA8543
5-step switch 8,0 Amp. -  IA8544
5-step switch 11 Amp.   - IA8515
5-step switch 15 Amp.   - IA8516