Winterwarm Heating Solutions
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Winterwarm Water Heater

A series of water heaters with a capacity from 10 to 80 kW and different discharge possibilities

The WWH is an indirect fired unit air heater that can heat a room optimally because of the sophisticated design and a thought through combination of fan, heatexchanger and discharge possibilities.
The WWH can be connected to any central heating system and is suitable for heating any kind of room from showroom to warehouses to bigger commercial properties.

Discharge possibilities:

  • horizontal or vertical
  • with extra louvres
  • Conic plenum for higher rooms
  • 4-way down flow plenum for build-in prefabrication ceilings

Available capacities: 13-16-20-30-36-45-52-64-77 kW

To suspend the WWH, we offer 2 solutions:

  1. brackets for wall mounting
  2. fastening strips for ceiling mounting

The WWH can be controlled by a simple 230V. roomthermostat (type TA2).