Winterwarm Heating Solutions
Industrieweg 8
P.O. Box 36
NL-7100 AA Winterswijk

T:  +31 (0)543 546 300 
F: +31 (0)543 546310
comm. reg. 59198516

Name company/location: Nissin Show UK Ltd.
Town: Aberdare
Country: United Kingdom
Surface heated area: 2,400 m2
Volume heated area: 21,600 m3
Replacement or new building: New
Activity (what is the hall used for): Warehouse
Desired room temperature: 15-18°C
Total capacity: 360 kW
Type of installed heaters: 6x TR 60
Recirculation units/ceiling fans: 12x WCU 60
Year of installation: 2008
Special features: Heaters linked in pairs to give 3 zones