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Name company/location: ASDA
Town: Trowbridge
Country: United Kingdom
Surface heated area: 2,500 m2
Volume heated area: 15,000 m3
Replacement or new building: Replacement
Activity (what is the hall used for): Supermarket
Desired room temperature: 20°C
Total capacity: 240 kW
Type of installed heaters: 8x XR 30
Recirculation units/ceiling fans: n/a
Year of installation: 2009
Special features: Linked to Building Management System
Remarks: Heaters are required to supplement and existing AHU. Extraction and refrigeration plant changes meant that there was insufficient heat capacity in the AHU. XR's have been installed to provide additional heat.
Link to BMS is particularly well designed, with the BMS interfaces built into the main control panel, providing a very tidy solution.