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Winterwarm TRD

Industrial heater unit without fans for installation in a duct. The fan should be seperately installed behind the heater so the volume of air outpunt can be determined by the customer. Usually in this case also a duct on the front is applied. The connection for the flue terminal and fresh air inlet are situated on the side of the heater instead of at the back so the heater can be easily installed between two parts of the duct; the TRD is provided with a flange for fastening the heater to the duct at both sides.


The TRD-unit air heaters are as standard provided with:

  • electrical ignition
  • reset
  • modulating burner
  • robust tubular heatexchanger
  • simple 2-wire control 
  • 0-10 V. control possible
  • flue terminal connection at the side


  • SS-heatexchanger (when taking in outside air)
  • SS-interior (including heatexchanger) in aggressive environments

Available capacities:  24 kW - 28 kW - 40 kW - 50 kW - 60 kW - 80 kW - 100 kW - 125 kW - 150 kW