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Winterwarm HR - Condensing unit air heater

A new generation condensing unit air heaters which combines the efficiency of gas fired unit air heaters with energy savings and high comfort.


Unique unit air heater

For the capacities 10 to 60 kW, Winterwarm has engineered a condensing unit air heater based on their succeful XR-series. The patented design of the heatexchanger and the modulating burner regulation make it possible that  the Winterwarm HR is provided with only 1 heatexchanger. The dimensions of the single heat exchanger design make the Winterwarm HR range significantly smaller and a lot lighter than any other condensing heater currently on the market.


One of the other features of the HR is the attractive design of the heater. Consequently, these heaters also look very well in commercial areas as shops or showrooms. Like the XR, it is possible to install the HR-heaters in a tilted position (unitll 60°) which can create a more downwards directed air flow.


The available capacities range from 10 tot 120 kW.