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5-step switch

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5-step switches can control the rpm-level of the ACM air curtains. This is applicable when the curtain should not produce the maximum air out put, for example in case of lower doors. Also draught complaints can be decreased by applying a 5-step control. 


Do take in account that by reducing the rotations per minute of the motors, also the throw is reduced, and consequently the air speed at floor level will be lower. Pay attention that this speed remains sufficient to seperate "outside" from "inside".


One switch can control several sections. In order to select the switch with the correct power consumption, one simply adds the power consumption of all sections (1 section = 1 Amp.)


Article numbers:
5-step switch 5,0 Amp. -  IA8543
5-step switch 8,0 Amp. -  IA8544
5-step switch 11 Amp.   - IA8515
5-step switch 15 Amp.   - IA8516