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ECO Heater

 The ECO Heater is an indirect fired air heater especially engineered for the heating of greenhouses and poultry houses. Special for this heater is that the combustion air is taken from outside.


 The large airflow capacity and the special shape of the ECO Heater provide optimum air distribution and create a consistent climate throughout the room.

The heater is fitted as standard with a mechanical, pressure-protected, outside air intake to supply oxygen-rich combustion air. No inside air is used for the combustion process. The heater will, therefore, show a much more constant burning process and suffer far less fouling because clean outside air is used. This greatly increases the safety, reliability and efficiency of the unit. Also this contributes to a lower energy consumption, thus saving on energy costs.

 The heater can be installed easily. Maintenance afterwards is simple, and the safety is guaranteed. The ignition is controlled automatically, and during operation all functions are constantly supervised by the control box. All parts are easy accessible for cleaning and maintenance. With the extra control print 122TB or the Heater Smartbox the heater can be provided with more features, like connection to an alarm installation or more detailed failure indications.
The ECO Heater is available in 3 capacities: 75, 100 and 120 kW, on natural gas (G20 and G25), butane (G30) or propane (G31).