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Fire Devil Domino 115

Winterwarm was founded in 1936 and has been located ever since in Winterswijk, the Netherlands. A local installer, Mr. Kappers, saw market opportunities for industrial heating appliances and developed a free standing, oil fired unit air heater, called Domino. The suspending unit air heaters were developed in the early sixties (Europa and Universum) when natural gas became available for heating purposes. As a gas country the Netherlands have always played a pioneers role for gas appliances, among which gas fired heating.



In 1967 the company was sold to the DRU-concern. In those years the product progamme mainly consisted out of  Universum suspended unit air heaters. Also other products which fitted the machinery present in a metal processing factory were manufactured. These were the peak years from Winterwarm with about 100 employees!


In 1976 the Benraad concern from Terborg took over the factory in Winterswijk. They already manufactured and sold their own line of unit air heaters through various distribution channels. The new company continued to sell this line with the brandname Benraad next to the Universum heaters in the Netherlands, while a large part of these heaters was sold abroad. However, because of efficiency advantages the technical specifications of both heaters soon became the same


In 1985 Atag took over the production of central heating appliances from Benraad in Terborg. The manufacturer of unit air heaters in Winterswijk did not fit in with the new owner’s strategy so the factory continued as an independent company under the name Winterwarm.
Meanwhile they focused again on their core-business: developing, producing and selling indirect fired unit air heaters. Winterwarm continued to sell the unit air heaters under 2 brand names (Benraad heaters changed to Winterwarm heaters) as they each had their own sales channels.  With both brand names added together Winterwarm became market leader in the years to follow. Also the part in the turnover realized through exports increased. In 1992 Winterwarm obtained as one of the first companies in her branche the ISO 9001 quality certificate (in 2001 the 2000-certificate was added).


Winterwarm Agri

Since 2002 Winterwarm had been producing the ECO Heaters for Priva BV from de Lier (Netherlands). These heaters were, and still are, mainly used as heating for greenhouses and poultry houses. As per 01.01.2008 Winterwarm also took over the sales of the heaters: Winterwarm Agri was founded. 

Winterwarm also took over the sales of all service parts for all older Priva heaters as the DA, DFB and LN-heaters. At the same time Priva UK was integrated in the Winterwarm UK company located in Warrington. Very soon we also developed new heating products for this agricultural market.



At this time Winterwarm is owned by VADO Beheer. The company functions fully independent and determines her own strategic policy.
Winterwarm has about 55 employees. Meanwhile the product programme has been extended with several other industrial heating appliances (water heaters, radiant tubes, destratification fans, etc.); at the moment we manufacture 3 different types of unit air heaters.
Also for Winterwarm Agri 2 new ranges of heater were developped: the DXA/B and the DXC heater.

Sales of the industrial heaters mainly takes place in Europe, and sales of the agricultural heaters takes place all over the world.