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For users of Winterwarm heaters the quickest and cheapest way to obtain service parts is through the dealer in your country. If you do not know who the dealer is you can contact our export department for information. The webshop is a helpful tool to determine which part you need to order.

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9 results

Remote sensor for MTC thermostat

Article number: GA3929

Applicable to HR-series, XR+ series, XR-series and EH -series

€110.00 excl. VAT

Burner control 966 EH

Article number: GE5903

Applicable to heater types
EH 5..EH 40
Only for appliances with Reventon Fan

€286.00 excl. VAT

EMI supressor XR/HR heaters

Article number: GY3917

Applicable to heater types
XR, as from March 2019
XR+, as from Jan. 2021
HR, as from March 2019

€47.00 excl. VAT

Delta T sensor XR/HR/TR

Article number: GY3931

Applicable to heater types
XR, march 2019 - present
HR March 2019 - present
TR, March 2019 - present
EH 5..EH 40
XR 80..100

€29.00 excl. VAT

Sensor heat exchanger XR/HR 10-60

Article number: GY3932

Applicable to heater types
XR 10..60, march 2019 - present
HR 10..HR 120, march 2019-present, EH 10..EH 40

€39.00 excl. VAT

Heating Element 3,3KW

Article number: IE2512

Applicable to heater types
EH 10
EH 20..EH 40

€112.00 excl. VAT

Relay 25A

Article number: IE5202

Applicable to heater types
EH 25..EH 40

€171.00 excl. VAT

Lock black H=7.5 L=24

Article number: IK6850

Applicable to heater types
XR 10..60 TR 10..150, TRC24..150 DXC 60..100 DXE 80..100
Xr+ 10..60

€5.00 excl. VAT

Fan IA0400COMP

Article number: IX4204

Applicable to heater types
TR 40 + TR 80
XR 20+ and XR 30+

€303.00 excl. VAT
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