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Winterwarm Poland wins gold medal

(photo: DLG AgroFood Sp .z o.o)

At the Ferma exhibition, held from 17-19 February in Łódź (Poland), Winterwarm was awarded the Gold Medal of Ferma 2017 for the DXC-heater. The commission acknowledged the innovative character of this appliance for the poultry industry, helping the industry to become more durable. They established that the DXC is highly effective and economic, as well as user- and environment friendly.  


The Gold Medal was handed over by Mrs Ewa Lech - the representative of polish Ministry of Agriculture to Maciej Drobnik, director of Winterwarm Sp.z.o o.


Ferma exhibition is the biggest and most popular in Poland event for animal husbandry. At this moment Poland has a leading position in poultry production in Europe and the market is still growing. Winterwarm Poland is profiting from that development. Our sales in the agricultural market have shown a strong leap forward and we are still growing in this very competitive market.